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Inside the box

  • PadMu3 (2x)
  • Stylus (2x)
  • USB Type-C Cable (2x)
  • HDMI - miniHDMI Cable (2x)
  • TF Card Reader (2x)

The new PadMu 3

The new entry of the PadMu family, lighter, more powerful and with even more capacity in a smaller device size, but still provided with a 13.3" screen, obviously touch.

Double version

Our custom solution of the double configuration is obtained by joining together two single PadMu. They will communicate wireless, using our proprietary SW.

One of the advantage of this solution is that you can buy initially one PadMu and only at a later time you may want to add a second device, without losing the initial investment.
The two single devices always are independent devices each from the other.

8-Core CPU and Android 9.0

PadMu 3 is even more powerful with the Octa-core 2GHz processor and Android 9.0 which will give you high speed and optimal performance with energy-saving processing.

Super memory and USB OTG

PadMu 3 has 64G capability and you can get more by inserting extensive TF cards or USB-C drives. With the OTG feature, carry as many music sheets as you want.
It also support physical keyboards and mice, Plug and Play, do not have to install any driver.

Touch ID, your fingerprint is your password

Your personal data are secure: unlock PadMu simply by pressing a button.

Quick Charge 3.0

Super battery and very fast charging. In a couple of hours you have a complete charge of the device.

Very light.
Extremely thin

6.8mm of thickness
490g of weight

Data sheet


13.3" High resolution E Ink Mobius™ flexible display, Dual touch technology (finger touch + stylus touch), 16 shades of grey 
1650×2200 pixel, 207 ppi 
Front light
8-core, 2GHz 
4 GB 
Internal memory
64 GB 
Stereo output, USB-C earphone, Dual-Speaker, Microphone 
Wired interface
USB Type-C - Micro HDMI 
Expansion Interface
USB-C (support OTG) 
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n/ac (2.4GHz + 5GHz) 
4300mAh Li-Polymer battery 
Battery life
Up to 2 weeks in standby mode 
Operating system
Android 9.0 

309,8 x 227,8 x 6,8 mm 
490 gr 
Stylus Pen
Wacom 4096 levels pressure sensitivity, real pen-to-paper experience 
BOOX Max3 by Onyx International Inc.