PadForMusician - Tablet 13.3" e-ink by Musician for Musician

That’s PadMu 2!

By Musicians for Musicians

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Read, Write, Play

The Future doesn’t mean paper, with PadMu all the scores are with you
Together with your notes.

With PadMu, you will enjoy the advantage of using an A4 e-reader with its paperlike familiarity.

Your eyes won’t be tired after hours of practising ; thanks to the e-ink technology you will not even notice the difference between PadMu and standard paper.

Its A4 (13.3") format makes PadMu the ideal tool for each moment you deal with music, whether you are practising or performing.

At every moment in the company of your music whatever your instrument


No more need to have paper music scores and to write notes on them, no more bags and heavy paper music books to carry. Turn the page with a tap.
Use WIFI to load and save all the scores you need on your PadMu, write notes on them and share everything you’ve done on the Net


Plan the lessons, highlight difficult parts, write down a “diminuendo” or a “pianissimo”...all your notes on just one tool. No more paper load for each student or class.


Get ready for your performance ...all you need is already in the PadMu. Turn each page with a tap

Made by people who love Music

Whether you are an amateur or a professional, classical, jazz or folk player, PadMu is what you need to move deeper into your passion

  • Get your archive organized. Create your personal group of scores as you like : technical studies, repertoire pieces, orchestral excerpts, historical musical periods, music clusters such as classical, jazz, pop etc... Whatever assemblage you choose... the best choice is your choice ...and remember... you have 32GB large capacity.

  • Write down notes and comments as with real paper, which you won’t miss thanks to the stylus pen

  • Use notepad to write promemoria and homework, no problem if you forget your copybook at home

  • Just 7.5 mm of thickness, 550 g (19,4 oz) of weight, perfect to be positioned on a stand

Software and accessories

Take control of PadMu

Download our APP to manage PadMu with your smartphone

Get it on Google Play

Take control of music reading by bluetooth pedals. Compatible with the following models*

AirTurn DUO

iRig BlueTurn

Check in FAQ for local dealer

* Pedals sold separately, List in update

Tech specs

Like a score more than a score

E-ink Mobius™ technology

Your eyes won't be tired after hours of practising

Touchscreen & Pen control

The touch screen and Wacom Pen (2048 level pressure) provide easy control while reading and navigate your library

Size & Display

13,3" high resolution: 2200x1650px (207PPI), it's like an A4 paper sheet.


Only 550g (19,4 oz), easy to move around and for stand positioning


4100mAh: up to 1 week of use for one charge, up to 2 weeks in stand by.


Quad-core CPU + 2GB LPDDR3 memory


32Gb EMMC storage

WiFi - Bluetooth

Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n - Bluetooth 4.1



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