E-ink Mobius™ technology

Touch technology

All the scores are with you

Long life battery

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The new PadMu revolution

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Millions of scores in one device

No more need to have paper music scores and to write notes on them, no more bags and heavy paper music books to carry. Save all the scores you need on your PadMu, write notes on them and share everything you’ve done on the Net.

e-ink technology

Your eyes won’t be tired after hours of practising, thanks to the e-ink technology you will not even notice the difference between PadMu and standard paper

Easy to transport

The Future doesn’t mean paper, with PadMu all the scores are with you. Together with your notes.

PadMu Controller

Download our APP to manage PadMu with your smartphone.

The irresistible design of PadMu

Just 7.5 mm of thickness, 550 g (19,4 oz) of weight, perfect to be positioned on a stand. Like a score more than a score