PadForMusician - Tablet 13.3" e-ink by Musician for Musician


Did you just buy PadMu? Do you have problems with the first configuration? Download the guide by clicking the following link


Before requesting support, check the list below and verify that your question it has not already been answered

Below is the link to the European distributor of AirTurn of the model we tested and we suggest :

and the link to the company main website:

also check here for iRig BlueTurn:

PadMu can be purchased on the web site in the Shop Now section

PadMu is shipped all over the world


Here you find the currently released software updates. In case you didn't get the notification of the new update on your device, just follow the steps below to update it:

  1. Download firmware from link below
  2. Copy the firmware to root directory of local storage
  3. Go to Settings > About > System Update, click the button Check update from local storage and follow the instruction to update the device
  4. When update is successful, the device will restart automatically.

NB: Please connect the device with power source or PC to make sure of enough power for update.


For general questions and requests for information, please use the entry form on the main page of the website, whereas for technical questions relevant to PadMu write to: