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The best PadMu ever: more power, more memory, better battery. With front light, 6GB of RAM, 128GB of internal memory, 2GHz of CPU

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Inside the box

  • PadMu Lumi 2 (2x)
  • Stylus (2x)
  • USB Type-C Cable (2x)
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100% secure payments

Don't settle for just one device. Start reading, writing and practising music in double mode right now!

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E-ink Mobius™ Tablet

13.3" with capacitive touch

1650 x 2200 resolution , 207 DPI for a better definition.
Read write and practice music in every situation Screen with frontlight

The most powerful ever

Best performances with 8-core 2GHZ Procssor, 6GB Ram

Almost unlimited storage for your scores: 128 internal storage

practically unlimited use of the device, thanks to a 4300mAh battery

Last generation connectivity

Pair you devices: Bluetooth 5.0
Always online with WiFi 802.11ac


Take it everywhere thanks to its lightness: 570 gr, 7,9 width

Green solution

to avoid paper waste

You'll never need to print paper again, with the almost unlimited storage and Dropbox, Gdrive integration
All your scores in just one place.

You won't miss paper

Thanks to the exclusive Wacom pen and integrated apps you can take handwritten notes and write directly on your scores.

Taylored apps

With our PadMu apps you have everything you need.

Our apps are constantly evolving to meet our users demand.

  • ico Home
  • ico Library
  • ico Reader
  • ico File Manager

Any requirements you'll like to find in PadMu? Just contact us and talk about it!

Data sheet

E Ink Mobius, 13.3", touch (inductive + capacitive), resolution 1650 × 2200 dots, 207 ppi, 16 shades of grey, with the SNOW Field function 
1650×2200 pixel, 207 ppi 
Front light
MOON Light 2 
8-core, 2GHz 
Internal memory
Stereo speakers, microphone 
Wired interface
USB Type-C with OTG support 
Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11ac 
Polymer Li-on, 4300 mAh 
Operating system
Android 11 
310 × 228 × 7.9 mm 
570 gr 
Stylus Pen
Wacom 4096 levels pressure sensitivity, real pen-to-paper experience 
ONYX BOOX MAX Lumi 2 by Onyx International Inc. 



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The Padmu tablet is an excellent and reference tool for musicians.

I chose the solution of buying two Padmus to be able to read my scores of several pages easily.<br /> Admittedly, the solution is expensive to buy, but what a joy to have all your scores gathered in these two magnificent tablets.<br /> The use is simple and the documentation provided in several languages ​​is simple and detailed.<br /> I was able to save over 1000 pages of paper scores using PDF format.<br /> Everything is classified according to the type of music. I no longer have to carry whole binders of paper scores. I save paper and thus avoid waste.<br /> The program for reading scores in double screen in very rich in features. Everything is configurable.<br /> Reading on screens is pleasant and relaxing for the eyes. The brightness is adjustable and comes close to paper reading. It is not aggressive like on an iPad type tablet for example.<br /> Another extremely important point is the quality of technical support after the purchase of your product. I had some difficulty understanding certain parameters. The person managing my tickets was very responsive and attentive. This is very reassuring, especially when you have invested a large sum in such a product. After-sales service matters a lot.<br /> <br /> I highly recommend this product whose software will undoubtedly continue to improve with future updates.<br /> <br /> So in summary:<br /> <br /> Beautiful design and finish.<br /> Simple and practical use.<br /> Pleasant reading and easy on the eyes.<br /> Easy reading of scores on several pages.<br /> Quick and smooth page transitions.<br /> Bluetooth page reader managed by the tablet.<br /> Choice of the reading order of the configurable pages. Very useful for working on certain passages of a piece of music.<br /> Easy to annotate, correct the partitions thanks to the use of a special pen for the tablet.<br /> A4 format practically identical to the paper format of a score.<br /> Very easy to use sheet music library management.<br /> Create playlists based on the type of music you like.

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