PadMu features

clear add_circle_outline Can you explain me how the the Double PadMu works?

Our custom solution of the double configuration is obtained by joining together two single PadMu. They will communicate wireless, using our proprietary SW.

You will enjoy this solution either in portrait or in landscape mode. Excellent for pianists and organists!

One of the advantage of this solution is that you can buy initially one PadMu and only at a later time you may want to add a second device, without losing the initial investment. 

The two single devices always are independent devices each from the other

Also PadMu is the only existing solution on the market that provide such an incremental approach

clear add_circle_outline Is PadMu backlighted ?

YES PadMu LUMI is actually provided with led front lights along the whole perimeter of the screen

clear add_circle_outline I see on the website that PadMu products have Hardware based upon Onyx Boox Max series. Which are the main differences between them ? 

Yes, you are right, our PadMu Hardware is based upon Onyx Max.

Here are the main differences:

first of all our SW is optimized for fast music page turning and also we have:

  • music library management
  • import pdf files from Dropbox, Gdrive
  • concert list, you can set up list of pieces to perform on stage
  • page sequence, you can play pages in the order you prefer also you can play more than once the same page
  • double configuration (also in landscape mode, excellent for organists)
  • three different modes to turn pages in double configuration

Also you can switch between the two desktops, ONyx and PadMu and choose the one you prefer


clear add_circle_outline Where do you ship PadMu ?

We ship worldwide !